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Clean And Dirty Recordings.

'Clean & Dirty Recordings' is a Belgian underground house label based in Ghent. It's created by Guy and maintained by Guy & Flo (aka the Furniture Crew and Moon And Baker deephouse alter ego). 'Clean & Dirty Recordings' wants to bring a unique mix of different styles of House music. The "Clean" stands for the more clubby, vocal, soulful, and funky tracks. The "Dirty" stands for more jackin' and filthy deep house tracks. We prefers this variety because that is the music we love the most and wants to share with the world. Clean and dirty will gladly work together with national and international artists Le Babar(B), JR From Dallas(FR), Demarkus Lewis (USA)). 'Clean & Dirty recordings' can be found on all digital platforms. 'Clean & Dirty Recordings' will throw down some vinyls of the best tracks released that year.

Furniture Crew / MOON & BAKER

Flo (MOON): is a 30 year old guy from the city of Gent, Belgium. Growing up in a family where classical music was daily bread, he started playing the violin at the age of 4 and a few years later he began playing the piano. In the 90's he found his love for house music. Time passed by and he started to know more acceptable record labels like Ministry of Sound. Listening to 2 Step sound brought him more and more into that funky vibe. As the years passed "learning" the House sound, he decided to leave Belgium and went to Rotterdam (Netherlands), where he learned audio production and engineering at the Conservatory of Rotterdam. Today his music production is filled with great inspiration and positive karma, and he will most definitely continue doing this for quite some time to come...

When Guy and Flo decided to join forces, a musical journey filled with many different influences and musical skills had begun. So they now produce under the name Furniture Crew.

Guy (BAKER, DJ KRAANWERK): It all started with Furniture Is music, back in 2005, when Guy Vercruysse and Denneb Vervaeke met for the first time, and quickly discovered their mutual love for music. They immediately began studio work together, and in 2006 they had their first two tracks signed to Paris Label, Da Traxx Records, and then New York, NY digital label Breakfast Recordings. In 2007 they signed a full album deal on Next Dimension music (Goodyear, Arizona), released tracks on the Kinjo music and Footwear labels. The beginning of a musical trip; their hard work has already taken them to several large live gigs in Belgium and abroad. Markt Rock in Leuven, La Scene Bastille in Paris and overseas to New York City to name a few. Furniture is Music is strongly influenced by Jazz, jackin', old school, tribal, soulful, funky, and deep house music. In 2009, Furniture has become a one man project. Work and personal reasons has split Denneb and Guy for a while as music composers, but not as friends.

Furniture is music AKA white label movement, AKA A Hippie Household. As a DJ, Guy has played at big clubs over Belgium From 1999 - 2009, including the famous Belgium Club DECADANCE from 2001 - 2007 (Guy played alongside famous dj's such as Dj Sneak, Dj Heather, Swirl people, Big Hair, Green Velvet, Inland Knights, to name a few). As an event promoter, Guy has thrown over 30 big parties called HOUSE EDITIONS in Kortrijk @ Club Sous-Sol (with international dj's like Alena (Chicago), Inland Knights (GB), Ricardo (B), JR From Dallas (FR), Dj Prince (B). In addition, in collaboration with Dj Bugsy (what's Cookin') saw the parties 'We ain't from Chicago & La Terazza' thrown down in Ghent, Belgium (with international dj's such as Late Night society (Miami), Sound Diggers (UK)).


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