arturo contreras

Clean and Dirty is very proud to have this young producer, Arturo Contreras on board. Born in 1994 in Mexico and already a major feel for what underground house must be. Music from the heart, strong beats, deep flows and pulsating basslines.

Arturo is a part of Queen Charlotte.

If Arturo keeps on working, we are sure he will be a great dj-producer. We can say, we found that guy, and we are proud to have him on board !!



Casiano & NSAY

Belgium based producers, more info soon









is a DJ-producer who represents the “made in Italy” music. He promotes an eccentric sound typically of his native land (Sicily) and creates a colorful and joyful atmosphere that is welcomed by the audience. CCO has debuted with his first release “Italian EP” published on Hoshi Records, a 4Kenzo sub-label that praises internationally known artists such as MastikSoul, DJ Sneak, Carlo Lio, 1200 Warriors, Rui Da Silva, Hipp-E and many others. Shortly a second release, recalling the previous production’s name, “Italian EP Part 2” was published on the same label.


Cezar Touch
Cezar started dj'ing when he was 18. Bought his first set of turntables from a friend and borrowed a mixer from the prehistoric ages from his older brother and mixed old '80's records with techno from the early nighties in his bedroom.

When he was in High School a friend made him listen to a dj set from Dj Mes live @ Grizzled. From that day he was hooked on House music and has been playing it ever since.
Since 2005 he has played the smallest and somewhat larger venues In Belgium.. With his addictive uptempo funky house he's sure to heat up your dancing shoes while swinging to his beats.

Got signed to:
Pureside Records (Nov 2012)
Clean and Dirty Recordings (Febr 2012)

Crazy Sonic


Rudolf wrany aka Dj Crazy Sonic started his career in the early 90s in Vienna when he organised parties in many different clubs.There he met Kruder and Dorfmeister and they did a lot of legendary events together. in 1998 he started to do the booking in Viennas most famous club FLEX. In 2001 he started his world famous „Tuesday Electronicclub CRAZY“ and nobody-really nobody-missed it to play there. It was a crazy idea to do it on Tuesday that`s why its a phenomenon, that so many people showed up there during the last 11 years. The list of international Djs who played there at CRAZY is endless. Sven Väth, Richie Hawtin, Dj Hell, Villalobos, Tiefschwarz, MANDY.... Besides all this Crazy Sonic formed his Dj skills and he is now one of the most famous and well known Austrian Djs. He loves music and he loves to play in front of a musically interested crowd.Especially 2011 he could play a lot of big events such as festivals in SAO PAULO,SPRING 11-GRAZ, UAF, RAVE ON SNOW, CREAMFILEDS CENTRAL EUROPE or FREQUENCY 2006 he started to produce his own music together with FAUNA and KEN HAYAKAWA and he founded the lable FLEXSchallplatten where he released several tracks incl a remix by Moonbootica. 2010 he has already released 2 EPs and one track on DJ HELLS Gigolo 12 CD. He also does a weekly radioshow on Radio Superfly ( and since 2007 he is also playing a lot in other clubs and countries such as Weekend/Berlin, Hive /Zürich, Tresor/Berlin, Emporio/Sevilla, Be Cool/Barcelona, Hot Hot/Sao Paulo, The Zoo/Ibiza and many more. 2011 was the year, when he celebrates his 10th club anniversary. 2011 and 2012 he will play a lot of shows as CRAZY SONIC or CRAZYCLUB Showcases all over Austria and some places in Europe (Berlin, Barcelona, Stuttgart, Munich, Sicily and Lisbon)


Danja Uosh

"everything is vibration"....

Danja Uosh was born in Sicily and has dedicated her life to music, making what started as a passion into a full time profession. Since a very young age, she started playing with audio tapes and has mixed many indie rock tracks in the search of new sounds. Composing Electronic, Ambient, Techno and PostDubstep tracks is an integral part of her life. She lived for a time in Spain and, when she returned to Italy, she decided to be an Electronic Music composer and dj. (She is degree in Electronic Music at the "Vincenzo Bellini Conservatory" of Catania). Thanks to her passion and skills she has won some festival and dj contests including: "Coca Cola One Night 2008" as Sicilian Best Female Dj and in 2012 she won the Italian "Wintercase" contest with her live set. Who gave her the opportunity to play w Ellen Allien at the official "Wintercase"  party. Danja Uosh is also the producer behind several Deep House and Techno House tracks and keeps herself busy by also playing post dubstep tracks. In 2010 she published her first EP named "White Rabbit" for Lord Musik Records. As part of her career, Danja has performed in some of the best clubs and festivals across Italy and was resident dj at the "Mercati Generali" club in Catania. Playing also three time at the Not.Fest. Now she lives in London where her music and djset is appreciated by all the people who listen her. When she arrived in London she start to play at Trafik bar in Shoreditch and was called for a live set at keep on going. Then she took part in a live show for the Radio Hoxton Fm of London… at the and of july 2014 her first vinyl for the “Clean and dirty” label. Her sound is always stylish and refined and has received appreciation by many within the electronic music scene. to be continued…

Demarkus Lewis

American dance music producer Demarkus Lewis has released over 100 singles and countless remixes over the last 10 years. It is a well known fact that he has the ability to change his sound to fit within a multitude of genres from the deepest of deep house to the most electrifying sounds of Techno.  

Since the year 2000 Demarkus has taken the dance scene by storm with releases on labels such as End Recordings, Nite Grooves, Slip n Slide, Liberate Recordings, Low Down, Urban Torque, Siesta Music, Large Music, Shack Recordings, Black Vinyl, Kapa Music, Nightshift Records, Brique Rouge, Robsoul, and Conya Records just to name a few. His music has also been featured on several dance music compilations including Seamless Recordings' Bargrooves series, DJ Mag's 'DJ Face Off' cd comp, Mark Farina's 'Live at Om' compilation on Om records, Slip n Slide presents Ibiza and Roger Sanchez' Release Yourself.

These days you can find Demarkus dropping Tech-House bombs on labels such as Nervous Records; soulful gems on Kingstreet Sounds; hypnotizing afro rhythms on Slip n Slide; jackin' grooves on Guesthouse and everything in between on his very own Grin Music imprint. 

It has been said that every DJ has had at least one Demarkus Lewis tune in their play crate.


Belgian duo Roel De Prins and Robbe Boons teamed up at the start of 2011 with a brand new Funky House project, Flapjackers.

They shared their love of House music, which is an accumulation of years of DJ and producing experience, into a name that is dedicated to bring the fire and soul of true House music to everyone's doorstep.

During this time they've received support from artists such as Soul De Marin, Corduroy Mavericks, Terry G, Erik Bo, Hugh Cleal, and many others. They have several releases under their belt for prominent labels such as Midwest Hustle, Greenhouse, Juiced, Cabbie Hat Recordings, Caboose, Native Soul, Tastie, Sniff Your Ears, Coyote Cuts, Lepento and many more.

 booking or contact:

Fotis 'Mentor' Monos

Fotis 'mentor' Monos...Born and raised in Kavala, North Greece. As a kid, music played a major role in his life. His mom always had a record on or left the radio playing in the background. From an early age he took music lessons and was fascinated by that "magic box" called piano! Quitting them after seven years is something he still regrets. Growing up he was influenced by R&B and soul music. His first records were totally "black"! The electronic side of music came a few years later when he discovered soulful house music. It was a life changing incident. All these wonderful melodies and mystical beats altered his taste in music forever. He was introduced to a scene where artists like Louie Vega, Frankie Knuckles and David Morales had an impact on huge crowds by simply using their records! He realised that the dj was the single person that made all these people laugh and have fun. That was it...the "bug" of djing was stuck on his heart and mind. He started mixing and making mixtapes for his own pleasure and just a few friends.
At the age of eighteen he moved to Thessaloniki for his studies as a computer engineer. Computers were (and still are!) his second big love. A close friend, who knew his passion about music and mixing, convinced him to start djing for a few hours at his bar. Boom...he finally got the chance to play his favourite music and see other people enjoying themselves. Since then djing and making people come together, dance and have a great time listening to good music is his "purpose of life", as he often says.
After nearly ten years djing all around the city his musical tastes expanded vastly. Though soulful and "original" house music is still his favourite kind of sound, he is influenced by all the different aspects of electronic music. From nu-disco and deep heavy basslines to mind blowing tech and progressive riffs. Anything that could make people smile and dance is in his recordbox! His sets will guide you through soulful vibes and true house music melodies to the dark paths of deep/tech pleasures. Lately he is experimenting with the production of his own work and remixing his favourite artists.

Furniture Crew

When Guy and Flo decided to join forces in 2011, a musical journey had begun, filled with many different influences and musical skills. So they now produce under the name Furniture Crew. The name is a combination of Guy and Denneb's  Furniture Is Music (since 2005) and the musical history of Flo. Since march 2012 Denneb joined the furniture crew too. Let's get down with the Furniture Crew...

'Clean & Dirty Recordings' is a Belgian underground house label based in Ghent. It's created by Guy and maintained by Guy & Flo, aka the Furniture Crew (Furniture Is Music and  Flo).
'Clean & Dirty Recordings' wants to bring a unique mix of different styles of House music. The "Clean" stands for the more clubby, vocal, soulful, and funky tracks.
The "Dirty" stands for more jackin' and filthy deep house tracks.

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Furniture Crew & Tommy Hogunz

Tommy HoGunz A DJ from Philadelphia, Program Director for, and the founder of Fundamentals of House.

Guy from Furniture Crew was in philladelphia some years ago and met Tommy for the first time, but never thought they would colab in the future. As the Furniture Crew was in search for some vocal work, they were put in contact again by a mutual friend, Peter Moodswing (Breakfast recordings). Tommy gladly teamed up with the Belgium duo, Guy and Flo to work together on some projects, and the rest is history. I guess you could say that the release was his first vocal work, and he's itching to get that Mic back in his hand!

Program Director for



Giulio Semino is a mexican dj/producer. When he was 15 years old he started in the world music accepted for his soulful house and house sets. He achieved a deep and garage sound keeping the influences like jazz, funk & synth pop.
In 2012 he started to produce music and 2013 he had his first release on digital stores.


Born and raised in West London, England. I got into music from an early age and started my record collection back in the 1980s buying a lot of Hip Hop/Electro records. My passion for electronic music and the art of mixing & producing records has been with me ever since. My influences are Juan Atkins, Larry Heard, CJ Bolland, Robert Leiner, Johnny Fiasco, Miguel Migs, Guidance Recordings, Naked Music to name but a few. I am a signed recording artist for a Canadian based dance label Ice media which I had joined in 2009 with a few releases and currently working on a lot more. My styles come from an infusion of break beat, hip hop, deep house and techno. I am a DJ/producer who continues to nurture my solid skills and love for 100% pure deep house music. I have been DJaying on and off for twenty years by word of mouth for clubs and house parties in and around London. In the mid 90s I started purchasing a lot of musical instruments and constructed my own home based recording studio.

Guy And Denneb

Guy and Denneb aka Furniture is Music saw the light in 2005, when Guy Vercruysse (Dj Cute) and Denneb Vervaeke met for the first time, and quickly discovered their mutual love for music. They immediately began studio work together, and in 2006 they had their first two tracks signed to Paris Label, Da Traxx Records, and then New York, NY digital label Breakfast Recordings. In 2007 they signed a full album deal on Next Dimension music (Goodyear, Arizona), released tracks on the Kinjo music and Footwear labels. The beginning of a musical trip; their hard work has already taken them to several large live gigs in Belgium and abroad. Markt Rock in Leuven, La Scene Bastille in Paris and overseas to New York City to name a few. Furniture is Music is strongly influenced by Jazz, jackin', old school, tribal, soulful, funky, and deep house music. In 2009, Furniture has become a one man project. Work and personal interests has temporary split Denneb and Guy as music composers, but not as friends. Furniture is music AKA white label movement, AKA A Hippie Household. As a DJ, Guy has played at big clubs over Belgium From 1999 - 2009, including the famous Belgium Club DECADANCE from 2001 - 2007 (Guy played alongside famous dj's such as Dj Sneak, Dj Heather, Swirl people, Big Hair, Green Velvet, Inland Knights, to name a few). As an event promoter, Guy has thrown over 30 big parties called HOUSE EDITIONS in Kortrijk @ Club Sous-Sol (with international dj's like Alena (Chicago), Inland Knights (GB), Ricardo (B), JR From Dallas (FR), Dj Prince (B). In addition, in collaboration with Dj Bugsy (what's Cookin') saw the parties 'We ain't from Chicago & La Terazza' thrown down in Ghent, Belgium (with international dj's such as Late Night society (Miami), Sound Diggers (UK)).  2009 Furniture is music split. 2013 they are back under their own name, Guy and Denneb.

dj booking Guy / Furniture Crew:

Homegroove Project

Carrying nothing but a 303, a battered four-track and some sticky tape, Homegroove Project rose from the embers of an early guitar group formed in the darkest recesses of middle-England.

A growing passion for Electronica and DJ'ing saw their sound take on a new shape, pre-empting the renewal of dance music long before it re-emerged into the mainstream. Driven by crisp beats, funk drenched bass lines and laid back licks the duo has continued down the road of their sound evolution, picking up the skills necessary for the ongoing journey.

Recent productions have received plaudits from renowned DJs and producers including Llorca, Laurent Garnier, Chris Coco and Arnaud Le Texier to name a few, and have seen them rank high in a number of remix contests for the likes of Alif Tree, Kahuun, Cassius and Crazy P.

With a strong Discography behind them including releases on respected international labels such as Compost, Bagpak, Next Dimension Music, Pure Substance and Clean & Dirty Recordings, Homegroove Project continue to evolve as a creative force, will always keep it fresh and will never be afraid to be as chilled out or as soulful as they want to be.


J-Hecht working a style that evenly fuses deep house and progressive elements with a minimalist approach. He has released original productions, remixes, and collaborations with global labels such as Element Underground, Night Child Records, Dispute Records, Elektrik Soul Recordings, Hocus Pocus Records, Shelving Music, Get High Music and many more. Most recently he has been doing A & R work for Luis Armando's new label, Soak Music, and has also helped with the label's launch and operation.



Jakhira is a British-born, Belgium-based house music DJ and producer whose memories of dance music go back to an early age. His feeling for music in general was clear before he could walk or talk, and after spending his childhood playing on toy instruments he started writing and producing his own compositions at the age of 14. Shortly after came his first turntables and a vinyl love affair, often spending entire days and small fortunes at local record shops. In the following 10 years he tried his hand at several genres, always looking for a style to call his own. Noticeably, in 2005 a collaboration with a close friend was played at the first Belgian edition of Sensation White, at one of the country's largest venues, after having already received airplay on national radio. From 2006 onwards he started to approach each production with more focus, slowly evolving to his current signature style: meticulously cut percussion and rich harmonies, halfway between deep and melodic. It was also around this time that as a DJ he switched from vinyl to digital, falling in love with Ableton Live's capabilities. Jakhira is known for his obsession for editing and looping the tracks he plays to forge seamless transitions.


DJ/PRODUCER/ REMIXER, hailing from Sint-Niklaas.






JR From Dallas

JR From Dallas was born in 1981 in Tourcoing (France). At the age of 17 years, the passion for  music at the time the results to the unique sound came from San Francisco and Chicago: The "California House" and the "Chicago House Underground". The DJing soon became a passion  and often leads to play in the bars of Tournai (Doornik). In 2000, he met with MC Adrian (Radio FG - Studio 54 NYC), a legendary Mc work for older children: St. Germain, Bob Sainclar Greg Dimano ... ... This meeting Jr From Dallas confirms these choices, and pushed into production in 2004. Since 2006, he released his first EP under the label of Vynil Fred Hush (H2O resident), then numbers of U.S. and UK label. At this same period he found his "own sound", The Funky Jackin House, by which it is noticed by most of house underground, such as: Mark Farina, DJ Mes, 1200 Warriors, Nick Holder, Roger Sanchez... In 2007, he launched his first label, Gourmand Music Recordings, where he signed artists variety of demonstrated ability, now references the underground house scene. 2010, JR From Dallas released his first album after 10 years of passion for house music. Many guest and friends participate in this event and come support this new action northerner producer: MC Adrian, Ladybird, Kenyon, Dave Combined...

June Lopez

June Lopez’s roots run deep like a North Philly sunrise on a Sunday morning. A child of the ’70′s, June was exposed to the roots of dance music at a early age by his parents. Raised with a taste for hypnotically pleasing rhythms, the sounds of Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic were never far from his ears. Salsa and merengue lived in the household. June’s parents would entertain company by throwing house parties, where young June would take in with contemplation people dancing and grooving to the ever-percussive rhythms that so drive Latin music, and the beauty it produced, The names of iconic legends roll off the tongue with a well-acquainted tinge: Tito. Eddie. Celia. Machito.

These and many others provided June the foundation that would come to sustain and nourish him musically and spiritually for years to come. What’s more, childhood visits to his god parents’ home in upstate New York brought to light other genres of music, such as jazz, R&B, disco, and funk, all deeply rooted in the same soulful traditions as their Latin counterpart. This is where June’s love for dance music began. June’s love affair with music selection started rather casually. As the story goes, June first learned to DJ on his mother’s stereo. He would take wax paper and line the turntable to keep his records from getting scratched. He had a record playing in one room, and a tape player going in the next, pause-mixing to his heart’s content. It wasn’t long before he figured out how to beat match like the DJ’s on the block where he grew up.

Being a teenager, and not being able to afford a professional set of turntables, his cousin gave him an old pair of Technics. Soon he was playing block parties, playgrounds and break dancing competitions. He began making tapes by incorporating unique blends of Latin and Hip-Hop into mixes that left people excited and wanting more. Meeting the demand with his distinctive flair behind the wheels garnered him respect and recognition from the black and Latino community. This sealed June’s interest in moving people through music and playing to their emotions.

He’s worked, produced and remixed everyone from Wadud, Jamaaladeen Tacuma, Wolfgang Puschnig, The Last Poets, Chris Udoh, Alma “Lady Alma” Horton, Rob Paine, Mazi, Boo Williams, Kurt Boyer, Richard Waller III, Mike from London, The Roots, Dennis Lowrey, Bon Vega, Monica McIntyre, John Beltran, Tommy Hogunz, Sierra Hurtt, Max Martinez, Christian Soulson James, Guy Vercruysse (Furniture Crew), Max Paparella, Kmar, Aaron Carl, Sparkinzi, and Sean Dexter.

Klaus Benedek


Klaus Benedek was born and raised in a small town outside of Vienna. His interest in Electronic music began during the 90s techno hype. He spent hours watching video clips on MTV and viva and thus gathering knowledge about electronic music. In 2004, Benedek began teaching himself to produce. Gathering his inspiration wherever he could, he began collecting records the same year. Today, his record collection consists of over 2000 records. From 2008 till 2010 he was one of the resident DJs at the MNML Thursdays in the Camera Club. Currently he finds most of his inspiration in Chicago and Deep House. He resides in Vienna where he DJs and produces music. His tracks appeard on the labels Petrol Dollar, Subversaal, rekooda and Soul Shift Music.



'KRAANWERK' AKA Guy Vercruysse - head honco of clean and dirty recordings.

A self confessed music addict, he embraces the very best of underground music and is by no means fixed to a single defined style. A notable producer, DJ, singer, co-songwriter in a melodic death metal band and audio-engineer. Alongside side these accolades Guy also has two monthly live radio slots at brining the newest and finest in House Music to a global audience.

Guy recently decided to start a solo project with the main goal of bring Acid and Old School House just the way he likes it. Guy is also part of FURNITURE CREW MOON AND BAKER GUY & dENNEb.

As a DJ, Guy has played at big clubs over Belgium From 1999 - 2009, including the famous Belgium Club 'DECADANCE' from 2001 - 2007. Guy has played alongside famous DJ's such as Dj Sneak, Dj Heather, Swirl people, Big Hair, Green Velvet, Inland Knights, to name a few.

As an event promoter Guy has thrown over 30 big parties called 'HOUSE EDITIONS' in Kortrijk @ Club Sous-Sol with international DJ's like Alena (Chicago), Inland Knights (GB), Ricardo (B), JR From Dallas (FR), Dj Prince (B). Additionaly 'in collaboration with Dj Bugs' (What's Cookin) saw the parties 'We ain't from Chicago & La Terazza' thrown down in Ghent, Belgium with international DJ's such as Late Night Society (Miami) and Sound Diggers (UK).

Most recently in 2013 'Down Town House' was born. A concept created by Dimi D, Kraanwerk, Le Babar and Deniz. With it's main goal to bring back House Music to the vibrant and buzzing Belgium underground city, Ghent.

Le Babar

Le Babar is one of Belgium’s leading underground house music producers of today. His name is derived from the famous French King Elephant cartoon, and like his title, he is most definitely one of the new  Kings of underground house music. His music is frequently tracked and supported by such top djs as Phil Weeks, Mark Farina, Hector Moralez, Craig Hamilton and Dj Mes, to name just a few.  The mood and atmosphere of Le Babar’s music encompasses that of a wide variety of the styles he grew up listening to, such as disco, funk, old-school, and 90’s French touch. In 2009, he realized the music he most appreciated was a combination of loops ripped from disco and funk 12” with a big round kick drum underneath, which inspired him to begin producing. Later in 2009, he met Bartosz Brenes, owner of 17:44 label. Soon after, Le Babar released his first track with 17:44, and motivated by the success of this alliance, the two established a new label together: Groovetraxx. A number of tracks have since been released by Groovetraxx , and the label is supported by some of the top music makers in the world. In addition to his own label, Le Babar has released tracks on Flatpack Traxx, Funk Mansion, the Factory, Coyote Cuts and an array of others. From his musical productions to his tasty, jackin’ dj sets, Le Babar is certainly a respected producer not to be missed.


Le Babar and Pat Lezizmo

info soon






Max Martinez

Clean And Dirty Recordings is proud to welcome MAX MARTINEZ to the clean and dirty family. For this release we go to Pennsylvania, USA. Max Martinez presents a 3 track deep-house ep, that makes us float into a Detroid-minded house flow. I NEED YA is a real deep-house banger. Deep synths lines, dark basslines and a very steady build. This track will definitely set your floor on fire. Next op we have MAKE YOU COME HOME EARLY. This track has a real recognizable melody and has a good deep-house groove with a nice groovy break. TU VOZ is a very crispy track with bombasic basslines and dreamy synthflows. Don't sleep on this one. This must have is ready to rumble!



Milty Evans

Milty Evans,

Milty is a veteran of the chicago dance scene starting in the business in high school. Learning the art of djing and working decks to rock the party came second nature. Working his way up the local scene with djs like derrick carter, diz,and even mark Farina. Milty has been a mainstay at the hottest clubs chicago has to offer from shelter,elixer,karma to crobar, crecendo,spy bar,to the famed boom boom room at green dolphin. Milty has step his game up starting WHITEBEARD RECORDS were he is doing his own production and putting out some of chicago hidden talent,along with doing remixes for other labels LOOK AT YOU(DENVER),REELGROOVES(UK) to name a few. Recently Milty let loose his alter ego Klosed Kaption which is he name he goes under for production and djing progressive,trance & minimal.This is a way for his friends and fans to know what style of music he is spining so there wont be confusion. As a resident of chicago's boom boom room at green dolphin on monday nite milty is setting the bar very high for the competition,but milty always says there is love for those who share love.


Hailing from Aberdeen, MOVE88 is an upcoming producer. We are proud to have him on board. We are always looking for new talent. Remix and Dub duties are done by labelmanagers Furniture Crew and Belgium's finest Deep-house pounder, Jazzawesz.









PIF first appearance was on famous Stodolní street in Ostrava and on local dance radio in March, 2005. Playing records was PIF’s dream and he loves quality house since his childhood and always tape-recorded good stuff. A moderator and DJ of a radio notices his love and passion and offered him a chance. „When I was on my first gig, I didnt really have an idea how to mix'. Since then he made an effort to work on himself and he has played now over more than 300 gigs around the Czech republic and Prague. He was booked on some domestic festivals – the best known is 'Colours Of Ostrava', where he played in 2012.

PIF has a jacking, funky style. His productions have been noticed and played by some respected dj in the underground scene.




Pitch Ranger

PITCH RANGER his first release came in 2012, with the Jackin House track "Make You Feel", on Fogbank Records and got supported by Mark Farina, DJ Mes and J Paul Getto among others. Since then he has had more releases on UKNOWY, Twins Mansion, Juiced Music, Funk Mansion and DOIN WORK. These days the sound of the Pitch Ranger moved to deep- and tech-house and he keeps working hard on his tracks and mixes to claim his place in the scene. clean and dirty is proud to have him on the team. REMIXES BY LE BABAR AND GUSSY. Be sure to check these bangers out!


Mexican duo Arturo Contreras y Giulio Semino up at the start of 2013 with a Funky House and Deep House project. Both started at 17 years of age to take an interest in the world of DJ and house music. Queen Charlotte has her first EP with Clean and Dirty Recordings. The ep contains 2 originals and 2 remixes. all 4 tracks are by the duo Arturo and Giulio. The tracks are a journey to the old-skool funky 'sunny-beach' house vibe with good percussion grooves, cool piano lines and funky-ass beats. Don't sleep on this release.






Rawdio (full name: Reinout Van Eycken) started to experiment with music in 2004. He listened to a lot of different electronic music genres and got interested in the way music was made. And he started to make some very basic tracks himself. Then when he thought his music had to be heard he started to produce under the name 'Electrodude'. The genre he was producing was something between Electro and Experimental Techno and House sounds. The first tracks were simple and sometimes contained some samples, but nevertheless, he was learning how to improve his sound. A year later he decided to change his name because he t hought 'Elect rodude' was a bit of an immat ure name. So he took the letters from his first name without the vowels and Elect rodude became 'RNT' (Reinout ). A half year later he became better and better and he also started to DJ to fund his producing career. On a night when he was in a club in Ghent he decided to make more deep and soulful tracks. Like some Deep House- tracks with a fancy beat and some nice synth sounds. But he thought he wasn'tgood enough yet to produce such music. Nevertheless he tried to create some sounds and made some House and Deep House tracks. And step by step he achieved what he was looking for in the music he made. So finally the real Rawdio was born. Rawdio came from the Raw sounds he sometimes used in tracks with an oldskool house feeling. And as he was producing he wanted to create tracks of a certain value, no cheap music. He wanted to create tracks that give you a comfortable feeling while drinking a cockt ail in a quiet bar, but not t oo commercial things. He tried to put his soul and the feeling he had while making the track into the track itself. To create a certain atmosphere, giving the tracks a personal and emotional touch. A nice deep bassline combined with some deep synths to make people dance and letting them have a very nice feeling about the track, the kind of tracks that can bring back memories. Focusing now on House and Deep House (Chicago House, Detroit House, Old Skool House vibes) and sometimes Techno, he gained some respect from other artists. He also entered a remix contest of an Opuswerk-track organized by Coincidence Records, and they asked him if they could release his track 'Subterra'. This was his first release ever! First on vinyl and later digital.Gaining some public attention and some respect from other labels he's now trying to make his dream come true: most of all having fun creating tracks that he loves. He also runs the sublabel of Dubtastic Records: House Cookin' Records, together with 1/3 of the Système Solaar Crew, Jasper Bulckens. Where he can release the music of like minded people.


Rickie explodes in the summer of 2009 by securing a place in most of the line-ups of the more prominent local clubs and starts churning out bombs one after the other getting some good reviews on "Wicked Style" and "DJ MAG".
His sound gets up to London where, thanks to friend & co-producer Miky J, puts his hands on the voice of the infamous Joy remixing her "Rockstar For The Night” which ends up finishing on all the local radios of the London nightlife.
He then moved to London where he started his new path developing new sounds both as a soloist and with his partner Miky J, remixing also Wasabi ended on Recovery Tech Rec
His warm-ups for renowned artists such as Art Department, Lee Foss and Clive Henry to name a few led him straight into the London underground house scene, getting inside the circuit of the more Tech-House westend clubs such as Supper Club, Lux/Cielo, Bungalow8, Coco, Morton, Rose, Kitts and more.
In 2012 Rickie Played in the Snatch! Party for Mix Mag and signs his contract with Snatch! Rec, Riva Starr's record label with “Would You” which later led him to remix “We Love You Michael”, a project by Dino Lenny. More remixes coming, one in particular for Candi Staton on Hysterical together with Supernova, and other stable appearances on Erase Rec (where has signed more than 4 EPs and a remix for Enzo Siffredi)...his latest work signed in 2013 on Bacci Bros. Records with a reinvigorated Rickie who brings back to life the voice of Taka Boom, sister of the queen of 80s funk Chaka Khan. In June Rickie has been invited to play for DC7 at The EGG and in the same night for the "Street of Peace" at Flyover in Portobello. In August Rickie is Released for "Circle Music - Germany" with 2 tracks from U Know Me _ ep.
Rickie never stops, always in the studio looking for the “sound of the future” and ways of developing his skills.

Ryan Truman

Living in Chicago in the eighties through the mid nineties Ryan Truman developed a deep love of house music from the Loft party scene. Now calling Los Angeles home, Ryan carries that passion with him into his DJ sets and as a producer. Having been involved in making music for years, playing bass in rock bands and making experimental electronic music, he picked up the DJ bug in 2005. Since, he has played numerous venues around the LA area and was a featured DJ on the online radio station In Soul We Trust for over two years. Ryan started releasing house tracks in 2008 and has put together a strong string of full EP releases.




Salvo likes to keep things deep. His sound is rooted in deep and tech house. Regardless of genre though, Salvo knows how to get a crowd moving. His knack for putting great sets together has earned him the reputation of being one of the premier artists in Philadelphia. Now seeking to expand his horizons, he's taken to the studio in hopes to further express himself. With all of his skills and knowledge, Salvo is looking to make an impact.




The Garris Ground

Eduardo Garrido (December 1978) has been a music fanatic since childhood. When he was 17, he worked in a factory during the summer to buy his first mixer. At 19, he took up bass guitar classes. From there, his friend Kote opened the door for him to DJ in the “Atrio” Club, the seminal and alternative club of the north of Spain. DJssuch as Garcynoise, Al Velilla, Murray Richardson among others have DJ’d here. Eduardo was the resident DJ in this club for 6 years. At 21 he moved to Barcelona to graduate as sound technician in the prestigious “Microfusa” school. During his time there he dj’d in the alternative club “La Macarena” and in the “La Seda” discotheque. At 27, he left to work with his uncle Jaime Garrido, renowned Sound Engineer and producer in Santiago de Chile. Later on, back in Pamplona, he was resident DJ in the “Reverendos” disco, Artsaia disco, Nicolette Club, Noctua disco… He is currently resident DJ in the “Txuribeltz Club” (old “Ertz) and is producing his own music with the collaboration of studio musicians. He also been invited to take part in radio programs in the local station “Track FM”. Regarding the electronic music style, his preferences are: Deep House, Jackin ́ House and Minimal Techno.

The Sound Diggers
The sound diggers Aka Justin Critchlow is a DJ and producer from stoke on trent - UK . The sound diggers productions has slowly been turning heads around the world with a string of huge releases on some of the worlds best labels from Hed kandi records ( beach house 2009) , Drop Music, Spatula city, Amenti music, Flavor Recordings, Blockhead Recordings, Tastie, Flapjack records, Greenhouse recordings and shrewd music featuring the classic 'popcorn party' which topped the charts on stompy more than 6 months and mans world topping tracksource charts and stompy for over 4 weeks!
Having an ever growing back catalog and numerous big hits in the house scene the sound diggers fan base continues grow rapidly bringing in demand for shows all around the globe !
Tours in the UK ,Antwerp ,Amsterdam ,Brussels,Holland,Croatia,Czech Rep ,Budapest,Canada(Montreal)(Toronto) ,Ibiza and the middle east to just name a few. With continually dazzling the crowds with track selection and turntable skills forged from a solid scratching hip hop background The Sound diggers are are must Dj act to book!
tommy ro

Italian producer Tommy Ro. After many years in the studio studying software, chords, sounds and synths, he decided to embark on a full-time career to house music. 






tony monero

Dj in Northern France (Valenciennes), I started mixing in 1988 , influenced by all good belgium sounds , always with the musical preference "FUNK" in which I was being younger.

Later my style has turned into underground, funkyhouse, deephouse


Willyum feat. Bohiti

Willyum and Bohiti have been key players in the Philadelphia underground music scene for over two decades now. Willyum (Will Putney) is one of Philadelphia's favorite and hardest working house DJs. Will has releases, remixes and mix CDs out on Worship Recordings, Selekta Recordings and Warmth Recordings.Bohiti (Oskar Castro) is a poet, musician, and graphic artist. He previously has worked with well known house music producers Rob Paine, Andy Compton and Kelvin K-Ay.As an artist, Bohiti seeks to channel the truthfulness of creativity. He strives to continuously stimulate the mind, body & soul of those who read, hear, or view his work. "Love & Sex" is the second time Will and Oskar have collaborated on a project. Their first track, entitled "Time", was produced by Rob Paine and Willyum and was released on Worship Recordings in 2007.