love and sex

Willyum feat. Bohiti
Release Date: 
Friday, June 6, 2014

Willyum and Bohiti have been key players in the Philadelphia underground music scene for over two decades now. Willyum (Will Putney) is one of Philadelphia's favorite and hardest working house DJs. Will has releases, remixes and mix CDs out on Worship Recordings, Selekta Recordings and Warmth Recordings.Bohiti (Oskar Castro) is a poet, musician, and graphic artist. He previously has worked with well known house music producers Rob Paine, Andy Compton and Kelvin K-Ay.As an artist, Bohiti seeks to channel the truthfulness of creativity. He strives to continuously stimulate the mind, body & soul of those who read, hear, or view his work. "Love & Sex" is the second time Will and Oskar have collaborated on a project. Their first track, entitled "Time", was produced by Rob Paine and Willyum and was released on Worship Recordings in 2007.

"Love & Sex" is a moody yet eerily inviting track with punchy percussion, a heavy rolling bass line and infectious stabby synths. Bohiti's vocals explore one woman's primal sexual urges and the fine line that separates love and lust. They are a perfect compliment to this dark, chugging and complex deep house track.  "Love & Sex" is a track that is sure to stimulate and please both your feet and your mind. Check out the Furniture Crew 'Love and Sax remix' deep flows and tight drums will make you dance for sure! tight drums will make you dance for sure!